Thursday, January 5, 2017

Double Wedding Ring Quilt from Wisconsin

Friends and I have decided to update our quilt collections.  Asking, are we really going to finish, mend, conserve...??  Or, would this be better off enjoyed in a new home?  From time to time I will be showing you some of these quilts and listing them in the Easy Shop. HERE.

This double wedding ring quilt has a great scalloped pink border.

It is hand pieced and hand quilted.

Size: 98" x 77"

It does have a few opportunities!
My plan would be to bind it removing a couple rows of the hand quilting where there is some wear.

The quilt was owned by Lucille Lund, who taught third grade in Chippewa Falls Wisconsin for more than 40 years. It is unknown if she actually made the quilt. She did have quilt tops and other quilts in her linen closet at the time her estate was dissolved.

The quilt is treasured by the family who would prefer to see it restored and not cut up.

We played it on a queen size bed and it does drape over the edge lengthwise. If it were placed the long side the width of the bed, it has a deep drape. Pillows at the head of the bed would take care of any gap. It would also be adorable on a girls twin bed.

I counted about five losses in the pieces.
It appears it might be the same red/brown print.
They are not noticeable and would be fairly simple to conserve or restore.

You can also see the detail in the quilting.
The pink and green four patches have a four petal flower in each square.

The melon shape has five linked circles.
Each nine piece arch has five lines of quilting.

The center has a grid, with the four petal flowers repeated in each corner.

Lovely fine hand quilting in all white thread.

I can imagine the instructions were to clip the curves and turn under the raw edge of the border to finish the edge.

This was done with great care and with the tiniest of hand stitches. However, the clips were a bit deep in many cases and with the stress of use, in several places they have torn.

This is where I thought an applied binding, added about three lines of quilting in, would return it to beautiful condition.
As I write this, I think wouldn't take me THAT long to do.

However...the decision has been made - off to a great new home it should go.

It can even be used as a white whole cloth quilt. The back is beautiful with wonderful tiny hand quilting stitches.

I didn't see any spots or holes, nice quality cotton makes me wonder how she got such time stitches.
In bright light the faintest of pastel colors shows through, including a pale pink shadow where the border was applied on the reverse side.

This quilt inspires me to do a little hand stitching everyday, it adds up.

A great quilt, looking for a new loving home!

UPDATE:  Pending Sale - The Quilt has a New Quilt Loving Home.
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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Peony Block, Iowa Quilt Museum, Unpacking

I'm sharing my SVBAQ block for the mid month link up.

Please visit the blog HERE and Facebook page HERE to see many amazing blocks in all kinds of sizes and fabrics.

You can still join us - we have several months to go - lots of sharing on inspiration.

Peonies are one of my favorite flowers. I am planning a large bed of them in the new garden beds this spring. They take a while to establish - but are worth the wait.

We took a break from the unpacking and made a road trip to Iowa. It was short notice and I didn't coordinate any meet ups this time. Next time - for sure.
Along the way we stopped at Reproductions Fabrics.

This is the image that graces the door.

Once inside the shop it is just as you might imagine - walls of reproductions fabrics arranged by era.

I made it just before closing and they were very generous accommodating my timing and stayed a little late to cut fabric. THANK YOU!
I had a specific project in mind and of course found just what I needed - and more!

We stayed a couple nights in Des Moines - and made some short road trips from there.
A fresh snow made revisiting old favorites special, as we hadn't seen them dusted in snow.

Do you know about the bridges of Madison County? HERE.

Worth the drive!

Of course we had to visit the Iowa Quilt Museum.

The current exhibit offered a wonderful assortment of star themed quilts.  We enjoyed each and were unable to vote for a favorite - they were all too wonderful to select just one.

This display case featured additional quilts.

Wonderful hand work on this multi generation quilt

On the home front - I am still getting organized from unpacking. I feel so fortunate!
Doniene and I shared some fabric a while back and look what she surprised me with - Just like it was made for the space. I have since added a Christmas pillow, rolled quilt and Santa to this space right inside the front door. She quilted it, and does beautiful work!  Thank you friend!!

I also have the guest rooms settled in, enough so that the kids have stayed over a few nights.
Window coverings are still TBD so I won't show you my temporary paper window covers.
This little arrangement in one of the three guest rooms.
This is an extra night stand with a little glass door cabinet on top.
I filled the little cabinet with folded doll quilts. I am finding it hard to hammer 
the first nails in the walls. 
For now, I think they are cute folded under glass.

Happy December - I hope you are finding some time to relax and stitch.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

Still some shelving to assemble

The move went well - Thank you Allied Van Lines for a great crew!

Unpacking and assembling is well underway. The important things are done - we can comfortably eat and sleep in our new home.

The kitchen was priority one, as we are hosting a feast!  I even tested the new ovens and everything seems to be in order.

All of the unpacking has stopped for now.

It's time to give thanks and enjoy the holiday.

One wall of the sewing room is showing progress

We have so much to be thankful for.

It is important to focus on the things that really matter.

There is plenty of time to get to the boxes...

Take care and enjoy your week!

Giving Thanks....


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Good Bye Colorado

Backyard Sunset - Colorado
For the past four years we have called Colorado home.  We  enjoyed the beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains and the fairly mild weather at 6,000 feet.

But all good things do come to an end.
Mr. Collector accepted a job transfer in September and I've been the trailing spouse working on the move.

Since September life has felt like camping.  We had stagers, appraisers, inspectors, Realtors and the prospective buyers traipsing through our home on a daily basis.

We bought a wonderful new home in Minneapolis in October and sold the Colorado house.

Fast forward to today - the packers have started.
We are usually a three day pack and two day load.  It's a 51 foot semi trailer in front of the house that will drive the household to Minnesota.

This is somewhere around move number 8 for us.  We have had good and very bad experiences with movers. Our worst was the theft of the majority of our household goods from the trailer while it was in transit.  Fortunately we have always been good 'documenters'. We had a full household inventory including photos. The claim was still a lot of work and we don't want to ever go through that again. We are hoping for a better experience this time!

Wish us luck, my next post should be from the new house later in November!
I hope to share photos of my new studio and quilt storage space.
Happy Stitching,
I may have spotty internet access for a few days, so I may not be able to respond to comments right away....

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Pine Tree Quilters

Radical Rose - Pattern in our Etsy Shop
I recently had the pleasure of presenting one of my trunk shows, lecture and back basting appliqué class to the Pine Tree Quilters in Wausau, Wisconsin.

What a wonderful group of quilters!

I was so "in the moment", I didn't take many photos.  Next time...

Tuesday night was the lecture and trunk show, Wednesday morning was the workshop.

I enjoyed my drive, the fall colors were beautiful, 
possibly at their peak.
I passed roads with names like, "Dutch Corners".  
It was relaxing, as I allowed myself plenty of time to 
stop and enjoy the scenery.
I am so grateful for opportunities like this.

Workshop Project from Noah and Matilda

At the appliqué workshop I had 20 enthusiastic students.
Again, I apologize for the lack photos, they were such a fun group!
The guild provided a lovely brunch for participants, maybe we were too 
busy eating and stitching.
Joan finished her project, adding a border of her choice.

You can also read more about the visit HERE.

Thank you Pine Tree Quilt Guild for your hospitality and enthusiasm!

I would love to visit your guild or quilt group.
Inquiries Welcome.

Happy Stitching,

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